Add description of best practices in IDE plugins, space deletion, UX improvements...

On-Premise version: 4.5.7

♻️ Spaces can now be deleted

The spaces administration menu offers the capability to remove an entire space from your organization in Promyze.

📝 In IDEs, descriptions can be added while creating a best practice 

When you identify a practice example in your IDE, you can now add a textual description to it. Previously, this was only available within the Promyze Web UI. 

You need to upgrade Promyze plugins to the following versions to benefit from these features:

  • Visual Studio : >= 2.2.0
  • VS Code : >= 4.2.0
  • JetBrains : >= 3.4.0
  • Eclipse : >= 1.0.13-beta

🌘 Eclipse plugin is here

We're happy to announce the first release of the Eclipse plugin for Promyze! You'll find all the uses cases offered by all the others plugins.

🔀 Update in Craft Workshops

The two steps "Examples from plugins" and "Examples from files" have been merged into a single step to ease navigation and user experience during a Craft Workshop.

🎨 UX improvements

We started a series of UX optimizations and improvements inside the Promyze Web UI. The next releases will continue to include more improvements.