Automatic suggestions of best practices are here !

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    Cédric Teyton
  • on 03-08-2021

On-Premise version: 4.5.0

1. IDE Plugins offer real-time suggestions of best practices

We're very proud to introduce a new feature for our IDE plugins: the automatic suggestions of best practices. Promyze leverages all the existing examples and counter-examples of your best practices to provide these recommendations. 

Now, while you're coding, Promyze looks at your context (your cursor location in the editor) and suggests :

  • Best practices you're close to following. 
  • Best practices you're close not to follow, and thus, you should take a look.

Here is a sample video demonstrating the feature in action for 4 different languages (it works for every language). 

2. Plugins configuration is now simpler than ever 

Along with the automatic suggestions features, we also redesigned the configuration process of the Promyze plugins. Now, a single API KEY is enough to connect to your Promyze instance, Cloud or on-premise. This key embeds all the information needed and removes all the complexity of connecting to Promyze. 

⚠️ You need to update your IDE plugins and your configuration to make it work again. 

Here is an overview of the configuration for the Visual Studio Code plugin :

3. Notifications for Craft Workshops

Promyze now sends email notifications for Craft Workshops : 

  • Few days before the Workshop Retrospective, a reminder is sent if the objective of best practices to identify is not reached yet. 
  • An email is sent if the objective of the workshop is reached to congratulate the team. 

4. Export catalog with source code examples 

So far, when you export a catalog, only the description is included. You can now choose to ship the source code examples and have them in the final JSON output. This is definitively an improvement to share practices between organizations or Promyze instances.