Boost onboarding with discovery workshops!

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    Cédric Teyton
  • on 09-06-2022

On-premise version: 4.7.0

🚀Create a new onboarding experience with the Discovery Workshops!

When you welcome new recruits in your team, they need to get familiar with your codebase and your best coding practices. If you use Promyze to record them, you're ready to create your first Discovery Workshop:

  • Select a list of best practices you want to include in your Discovery Workshop
  • Select for each practice some examples and counter-examples from the practice documentation. Name your Workshop, and it's ready!
  • Each user will have to identify in the source code of the Discovery Workshop where the best practices have been followed or not

📺 Want to see the result?

This 1-minute video will guide you through a quick tour of the Discovery Workshops

⭐ Other improvements

  • You can set a MONGO_URI environment variable to connect to MongoDB. Still, you still need the MONGO_DB variable, all others will be ignored.
  • A fix has been made on Git HTTPS connections (on-premise version)