Filter suggestions & share craft workshop report

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    Cédric Teyton
  • on 30-09-2022

On-premise version: 4.9.1

🌟 You can now share a Craft Workshop report

During a Craft Workshop, on the Tab "practices review," you now have the possibility to visualize a Craft Workshop report.

Available in HTML/RawText format, these reports can be sent using your favorite mail client. 

🛠️ Filter categories of practices for the automatic suggestions

Users can customize the categories of practices for which they want to get suggestions in their IDE or during a code review. It's possible to exclude some categories of practices from the suggestions.To configure this, click on Profile (your avatar) -> Administration -> Suggestions.Then, you'll be able to input the categories of practices you want to exclude from the suggestions. See the full documentation here.

🌟 Other fixes

  • An issue with multi-lined regular expressions has been fixed 
  • Styling with Markdown rendering has been improved 
  • An issue with JWT token has been fixed