Improvements on plugins and automatic suggestions

On-Premise version : 4.5.3

Tune recommendations with keywords configuration 

It's now possible to configure for each example of best practices which keywords our algorithm should consider. You can follow this article to discover how you can configure each example.

Improve compatibility with Github, Bitbucket, and Gitlab

Promyze's web browser plugins for code reviews have been updated to increase compatibility with these systems, both Cloud and On-premise. We added information message when some specific pages are not supported yet.  

Support of MongoDB 3.x and 4.x

The On-Premise version is now compatible with MongoDB higher than 2.6 version. 

Others updates

  • Several performance issues have been fixed in the JetBrains plugin, now available in 3.2.1. Multiple tasks could be added as background tasks.
  • Improvement of recommendation algorithm to increase precision.
  • Several bugs fixes that could occur during Craft Workshop sessions.