Video tutorials and new feature for the retrospective !

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    Cédric Teyton
  • on 23-04-2021

On-Premise version : 4.3.5

1. Lessons

Promyze now comes with a bundle of lessons in video, each one lasts around 30 seconds and cover topics like :

  • Craft Workshops (concept, organization, retrospective)
  • IDE Plugin 
  • Web Review Plugin for Code Review
  • Best practices managements (categories, catalogs, ...)

We hope it will be a great support for any new user to get started with Promyze.

This module is available from the Home Page :

2. New feature during Craft Workshop retrospective

When you go through best practices identified from plugins, you may identify with your teams some examples of counter-examples of practices that were basically not in the Craft Workshop. 

You can now add the current file/snippet in the Craft Workshop content in order to identify best practices.