Major improvements on automatic suggestions and craft workshops organization

On-premise version: 4.6.0 

⌨️  Use regular expressions to identify practices

To provide more relevant recommendations, you can now configure regular expressions for positive and negative examples. You can also restrict the detection of practices to specific file extensions. 

We also provide facilities to try your regular expression against custom snippets of source code or your current existing examples. 

⏭️  Add manual vectors of keywords

So far, you could select keywords extracted from the examples and counter-examples you've identified. Now, it's possible to add a custom set of keywords to improve our detection algorithm. Note that only alphabetical characters are allowed. If you need to go further, we recommend using regular expressions. 

Similar to the regular expression feature, you can also limit the detection to some extensions of files. 

📚  A clear overview of what's in your craft workshop, and select the content you want before running it 

So far, when you ran a Craft Workshop, all the practices identified by your team were included in the Workshop. We wanted to let our users free to start a Workshop with the content they want, in case they want to focus on specific topics or skip contributions from developers currently unavailable. Also, we wanted to provide a clearer overview of the content of the practices waiting for a review. 

That's why you can now have a clear overview of what's in the Workshop, select the positive and negative examples you want to review, and click on the button "Launch the workshop" with your selection:

🎨  Improved UX workflow during Craft Workshops  

During a Craft Workshop, you review best practices with your team and take decisions on whether to keep or not the suggested examples. We improved the user workflow in the Workshop, and now for each practice, the workflow is more intuitive:

  • If new practice: Validate/Delete/Run battle
  • Validation of the example 
  • Configuration of the automatic suggestions

⚠️  Update of plugins required

This new version of Promyze introduces breaking changes for all our plugins; please update your Promyze plugins to at least the following versions:

  • Chrome / Firefox / Edge / Opera : 3.0.0
  • VS Code: 5.0.0
  • Visual Studio: 3.0.0
  • JetBrains: 4.0.0
  • Eclipse: 2.0

🔎  A tighter integration during your code reviews

The new versions of our web browsers plugins provide closer integration on your favorite Git Platform when you're reviewing code through Pull/Merge requests. 

Now, when you write down a comment that refers to a best practice explanation, a button "Create a Promyze practice" is available to submit a best practice example to Promyze! With that feature, no excuses for forgetting to make everyone in your team benefits from your explanation :)

Please note that the Chrome extension requires a new authorization to access the history of the web browser for this feature. You'll likely be asked to validate this during the plugin update. 

This is currently available for GitHub and GitLab, and we're actively working on BitBucket and Azure DevOps compatibility.