Markdown, DataBoard, API REST, Public Hub,... what's new in Promyze ?

On-premise version: 4.8.0

⭐ What's new in Promyze?
  • We introduced Markdown to the editor of practices. A preview mode was also introduced as support. Find our documentation on how to use Markdown in Promyze on this link.
  • A new Data Board menu is available in Promyze and gives you analytics on practices creation and usage, statistics on suggestions, and more.
  • A REST API is now available to retrieve your best practices. You'll find the documentation on this link.
  • Several improvements have been made to the Discovery Workshops module. 
  • A new onboarding modal welcomes newly registered users.
🚀 The Public Hub is here

We recently released a public Hub of best practices. This is a place where you can either contribute by importing your best practices (created from Promyze), or export them to use them in Promyze. 

From the catalog page in Promyze, you now have a direct link to the Hub.