New "Submit question/topic feature" & new dashboard to manage suggestions

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    Cédric Teyton
  • on 09-09-2022

On-premise version: 4.9.0

🌟 And now comes the "Submit Topic / Question" feature, to create new best practices!

So far, you could submit best practices to Promyze with your IDE or code review plugins🚀

But some of our users told us they were sometimes unclear or uncertain about a best practice, and wanted to ask or show something to their team. And it turns out a Craft Workshop is a perfect place to raise such discussions!

From your Promyze plugins, you can now identify a piece of code and submit a discussion topic / question to Promyze for the next Craft Workshop, for instance, if:

  • You'd like clarifications on a coding standard found in your code;
  • You've got a question on the understanding of a pattern or a piece of code;
  • You're convinced a best practice is not followed but can't really explicit it or name it so far, and need your team's opinions

🛠️ A dedicated page for managing the automatic suggestions is available 

From the "Our Practices" menu there is a link to a page called "Manage Suggestions". This module will help you to:

  • Get statistics on the number of suggestions sent for each of your practice
  • Identify which practices have been configured for automatic suggestions 
  • Enable or disable the suggestions for a practice

🌟 Other changes

  • A Regular Expression can now be added from the plugins when you create a new best practice 
  • Fixed an issue with the OpenLDAP connection 
  • Fixed a minor issue with the creation of new practice from the Web browser plugin