Review existing practices, set goal on Craft Workshop & comment on practices.

On-Premise version : 4.4.0

1. New step "Practices Review" during the Retrospective 

The Craft Workshop Retrospective brings a new step after usual discussions on contributions from users, related to examples and counter-examples of best practices. 

The step "Practices Review" invites the team to take few minutes for the following use cases : 

  • Review the practices discussed in the Craft Workshop
  • Review the practices with the highest number of counter-examples, as a recall for everyone in the team 
  • Review the practices not identified for a while to make sure they're still relevant 
  • Review the new practices created in other spaces to benefit from them. Space can subscribe to specific categories that have an interest for them.

This step aims to help teams regularly keep their practices repository in a consistent state and be easily notified of others spaces' practices. 

2. Set a goal of contributions for Craft Workshop  

This feature supports teams to make sure all Craft Workshop Retrospective get enough content for discussions. It's now possible to configure a Craft Workshop with a goal of contributions to reach. In practice, the number of contributions can go beyond this goal since Promyze should never prevent anyone from contributing. Few days before the retrospective, if the goal is not reached, Promyze sends a notification reminder to the team and send congrats once the goal has been reached. 

No pressure with this goal: practicing with Promyze will give your team a good overview of which goal is fine to set, depending on the size of the team. You will adjust this value for each future Craft Workshop.

3. Comments on practices

Any user can now add comments on best practices, whether they belong to one of her spaces or not. The purpose is to ease interaction with others users and keep a record of discussions about some practices. Comments are available on the best practice description. 

4Getting Started Module

We pay a lot of attention to the Onboarding process on Promyze. That's why we introduce a new widget available at any time for all the users. In addition to the "Lessons" module introduced in the previous version, this widget provides they first key steps to start with Promyze.

Other updates on this version :

  • The step "Craft Workshop Summary" has been removed from the retrospective
  • End of Slack, Hipchat, and Mattermost support. Promyze's internal notification system will be reworked for a future release